Web Hosting Guide: 4 Tips You Should Know

A good hosting is the foundation of any website or brand.  Any server downtime is likely to ruin everything and can truly affect the reputation of your business. So, if you want your website to work fine and remain in good hands, you need to choose an affordable web hosting solution.


No doubt, there are so many options nowadays that it gets difficult to select the right web hosting provider, here we are going to introduce you to some leading cues that will keep you away from tempting promotions and gimmicks.

 Free Domain

 A free domain is always a tempting option; however, you need to have a look at certain aspects like:

Who owns the domain?

What are the renewal charges?

For how much time it will be free?

It’s better to ask these questions in advance to escape any problem in the upcoming days.

Separate domain and hosting

Domain names don’t have to be with the same company. It’s not that the cpanel reseller web hosting is not to be trusted; it is just that it doesn’t have to be so expensive.  Of course, web hosting companies prefer to have the domain registered with them, but it is not compulsory.

Read that bandwidth and disk space terms

While shopping for web hosting sites, you need to understand the terms of bandwidth and disk space. There can be a time when your website grows rapidly and you have to pay hefty charges for the required transfer of data.

Do your own backup

So, after that you know you are buying your domain from a safe website; it is the time for creating a backup.  The great thing is the websites these days comes with a regular backup provision.


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