7 Tips For Choosing The right Domain Name

On the web, a domain name is your first and foremost identity. Needless to say, nothing is more important than this part of a website preparation.  So, if you want to act with the right selection of domain name, here are the 7 rules you need to follow:
Your domain name is going to be the identity of your organization so make sure it  as unique as your product and organization. Don’t pick something that can confuse the potential customers. Some other steps will be avoiding pluralization and duplication.
Easy to remember
A name that is short and sweet is most likely to remain on the tongues of your customers for a long time. The more complex and long it is, the harder it will memorize the name.
Use a domain tool
There are several cheap website hosting tools available for free and you can easily use them for selecting the perfect domain name for your website.
Avoid copyright infringement
Never ever use the copyright phrase for your domain name. Run it through the free checkers available online to make sure, the phrase is clear from all the useless stuff and redundancies.
Keyword relevant
Having at least one keyword in the domain name will help the users locate your website easily. Theme the domain name around a relevant keyword so that the visitors get an immediate idea as to exactly what you offer.
Proofread it loud
One of the great favor you need to do with any of your content is proofreading it loudly. It will tell you about various probable mistakes that you might make unknowingly.
Avoid number
Numbers should never be taken as a part of the domain name. It’s alright to have a domain name with a number only if the business holds one, but try converting it into alphabets.

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