Site Speed: Dedicated Server a Perk?

The answer to this question isn’t simply found online. An SEO angle is an interesting way to approach the answer. The most annoying thing other than no Internet is slow Internet, but not everyone can manage to maintain a dedicated server.

It is important to state that speed is a need and it is valuable not only for SEO and rankings, but also for site visitors. Slow pages can leave to huge bounce rates and no value added to your user activity profile, shares and links. Even a one or two second delay can be a distinguishing factor in the long run.

The prices for dedicated servers for SEO are quite large, but some users tried them out to see if there was a pronounced increase on using one. They were pleasantly surprised and stuck with it.


A dedicated server can increase site speed very efficiently. Simply put, buying hosting space for a website entails renting a space (generally 1 GB worth) from a server that is hosting hundreds or thousands  of websites.

These other sites take up resources like bandwidth, processing memory, disk space, etc. All of these have to be allocated smartly by the server owner by imposing resource caps on the sites. These limitations are fine when you’re starting out, but not acceptable when you’re trying to grow.

 A dedicated server makes sense in this case, but there are cheats for the less financially secure, in terms of speed.

  • A dedicated server isn’t a must if you can improve other SEO factors, like off site SEO. A good quality link can give you an edge over site speed in the foreseeable future at least.
  • There are more economical ways to increase site speed which include caching ( valuable site speed plugin for WordPress), asynchronous and deferred Javascript, self hosted CDN implementation and lazy loading images.

All said and done, a dedicated server will definitely offer you a better advantage if all the other factors are the same.  If you want to reap the maximum benefit from your site and want it to develop, find a offshore reseller web hosting today!


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