Web Hosting and Domain Names: What to Remember

Taking your business to the virtual world is an enticing but intimidating prospect. A concrete and brick location in the real world with a finite number of clients evolving into a platform where the world can avail services is something different. How do you optimize the process to make sure the move is worth it?

  1. You probably have ideas for advertising and the layout of the site in your mind. A domain name is very important at this stage and needs to be hit upon carefully. It’ll reflect on your type of business and has to be professional. Steer clear of cutesy names unless you want people to move ahead to the next site.
  1. Whatever you chose as a domain name should be of relevance. A key to the selection will be adding a keyword of your choice; this will make it easier for the potential customers to find it. Try not to include any numerical value in the domain name, until it is in the brand name.


  1. Now decide on a Web hosting service. Reliability is key. If it is not experienced enough, your site might be out of order for a part of the month. Ask for an uptime contract from the offshore reseller web hosting, which is generally a sign of uninterrupted service.
  1. Since you are new to Internet marketing, you will have a lot of doubts. A service that offers answers even during non business hours is one that stays ahead of the curve. This can be done by various methods like telephone calls, messages and 24 hour chat services.

Take a cue from these simple yet effective tricks and get along with a dedicated server for SEO.


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